As far as music goes, I carry 5,000 of the most popular tunes from the past 80 years with me on my laptop and also have mobile access to over 20 million songs. I bring with me a dual CD player, smartphone, two tablets and two laptops, but it is always helpful to specify the music you would like ahead of time so that I can make sure to have it available for your big day if there is something you absolutely must have. I can also play from you (or a guests) mobile device if necessary!

Below is a link to the most popular wedding and dance songs of 2016.� It is broken down into categories to make it easier to get your ideas together!

Being in my mid 30's and having three teenage kids, I know the dances to most of the older and newer songs and enjoy getting out and showing how it's done!!!� (Generally smoke machines are not allowed at venues, but this one was a Halloween wedding and they were)